Fill the Line

  • At a rate of up to 3 cubic meters (3000 Litres) per minute, our equipment will quickly and efficiently have your systems ready for testing.

The Test Medium of your choice, to suit your specific needs:

  • Water.
  • Methanol/Water Mix.
  • Other, on request.
  • Filtration Offered If Requested.

Under Pressure

  • Once your system is properly filled with the desired test medium, we conduct a complete pressure test using the highest industry standards and an ever-improving toolkit to make sure our results are as accurate and beneficial as profitable.
  • Test data is available in your preferred format via print, USB, or wireless.
  • We are capable of testing up to 10,000 PSI.

Delivery to Location/De-Water

  • A team of Fluid Transportation Experts will ensure our testing medium arrives on location safely and on time.
  • Our team will ensure that we leave the work site better than we found it.
  • Once our testing is done, we make sure to clean up properly, and make sure that the site is tidy and hazard free.

There you have it, Complete Pressure Services!

Additional Services:

To supplement our core services, we also offer the following value added extras:

Fluid Sales and Rentals

If you need water or methanol/water mix, or if your particular testing needs another medium we will source and supply it for you.

Complete Pipe Testing Logistics

Our team of experts has over 80 years combined experience in pressure testing. We’ve seen it all, and know what needs to be done. You can rely on us to properly prepare and test under any circumstances.

Facility Testing

We’ve said this already, but we do offer Complete Pressure Services so naturally, we serve facilities as well.

Hourly Rates or Complete Service Bids

We offer to bill to suit individual project and client needs. We won’t make the paperwork any more complicated than it needs to be.

Our Equipment

Yeah, we are proud of our equipment. You would be too. Our growing fleet includes everything we need to properly test nearly any line or set-up that exists, and give our clients the peace of mind they need to produce with confidence.

Two High-Pressure Pumping Units

Capable of 1.5 m³ per minute.

High Rate Trailer Unit

Capable of 3 m³ per minute

Our units are equipped with digital computerized charting and recording systems that are able to chart and fill pressure, flow rate, total volume, pipe pressure, fluid temperature and ambient temperature. This comprehensive suite of data can be transmitted live, enabling real-time viewing of data, on or off site.